Wednesday, January 6, 2010

let's get ready to RUMBLE!

i have no idea why that is the tag line: just sounded funny to me :)

here are the cupcakes for this week!

@ the triple rock social club: thursday @ 4pm.

vegan red velvet
german chocolate

@mitrebox: saturday @ 10am.

vegan banana chocolate chip
citrus bomb
chocolate malt

also: we are starting to book weddings for 2010, and are starting to get booked up! contact us if you would like to do a tasting for your wedding!


croshayshay said...

Everyone better steer clear of 10/2/2010, I call dibs!

sheela and emily said...

it's all yers, lady! we need to set up a tasting!

Miss Nik said...

Nothing at the Golden Fig!?

sheela and emily said...

hey miss nik!

nope, no more golden fig. they decided not to carry cupcakes anymore. if you have any good ideas where we should sell cupcakes in saint paul: we would LOVE to hear them!

Lisa said...

Please come to the 'burbs! Blaine specifically :)

Maren Sullivan said...

What about Amore Cafe's new space where Cafe Juliahna used to be? Corner of Annapolis and Smith Ave? Dakota County needs some of your sweet love too!

sheela and emily said...

maren: if they would like to carry our stuff, we would be glad to chat with them!

deidre said...

how about amore on grand ave too?

sheela and emily said...

we love amore! ha, that's a little redundant, huh? if they are down, we sure would be!