Thursday, October 30, 2008

halloween and birthday cupcakes!

well, it's MY birthday :)

@ the triple rock social club on thursday

chocolate whiskey with coffee buttercream (v)

@ the golden fig on HALLOWEEN!

chocolate dirt (chocolate with cookie crumbs, gummy worms...)

@ France 44 on HALLOWEEN!

chocolate whiskey with coffee buttercream
chocolate dirt
pumpkin chocolate


strawberry macaroon (v)
raspberry lemonade
lbx signature (chocolate orange) (v)
pumpkin cream cheese

@Truly on nov. 2 (when i am hung over :) )

chocolate curry with lemongrass coconut buttercream
white cake with raspberry cream filling and chocolate buttercream
pineapple upside down

Thursday, October 23, 2008

oct 23-25!

i chopped off part of my left index finger today: so sorry if there are a bunch of typos :)

@ the triple rock social club in minneapolis

vegan pumpkin cinnamon clove
banana chocolate chip

@ the golden fig in saint paul

vegan gingerbread lemon
banana chocolate chip
chocolate honey

@ france 44 in edina

banana chocolate chip ( i had a lot of bananas!)
yellow cake with dark chocolate
orange cranberry with cinnamon clove

@ letterbox in minneapolis

vegan mexican hot chocolate
vegan chai tea
pumpkin butterscotch with cinnamon

@ truly in white bear lake

they will have minis for their 2nd anniversary!
pumpkin cream cheese and chocolate chocolate

ALSO! get to letterbox in the next two weeks!!! it saddens me to say that two of my favorite people, kimberly and zach, are closing up shop and moving back to NYC. jealous! more on where the cupcakes may be moving soon!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

october 17

hello all!

okay: so cupcakes this week:

@ the golden fig on friday:

vegan vanilla with raspberry buttercream
chocolate on chocolate
roasted peach with ginger lime buttercream

@ france 44 on friday:

tres leches with honey buttercream
lemon meringue

that's what we got: it is a crazy weekend of weddings. next week: more!