Monday, December 15, 2008

cupcakes for dec 19 and 20

hello all!

here are the cupcakes for friday and saturday the 19th and 20th.

friday @ the golden fig 10 am in saint paul

egg nog with bourbon buttercream
vegan vanilla mint
blood orange with champagne buttercream

saturday @ mitrebox 10am in minneapolis

chocolate malt
key lime with coconut buttercream
vegan fauxstess

Friday, December 12, 2008

sorry this is late! cupcakes for dec 12-13


@ the golden fig 10am friday

gingerbread lemon
chocolate mint
vegan chai

@mitrebox 10 am saturday

gingerbread lemon
chocolate mint
hot chocolate

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

cupcakes for the weekend 12-4 to 12-7

it's a chocolate filled weekend!

@ the triple rock social club starting on friday (this week: they are closed thursday for their 10 year anniversary!)

vegan snowballs
pumpkin brown sugar

@ the golden fig 10am on friday

vegan snowballs
pear with ginger buttercream
vanilla with butterscotch brandy buttercream

@ mitrebox 10 am saturday

vegan mocha hazelnut
chocolate honey
chocolate with cream cheese frosting
peanut butter and jelly

@ truly 11 am on sunday

chocolate chocolate
chocolate mint
chocolate peanutbutter.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happpy thanksgiving! also: cupcake flavors for nov 27-nov 30


so here are the flavors for this week! thanks to everyone who came down to mitrebox for our first new cupcake saturday. we hope to see more of y'all soon!

@ the triple rock social club (this week starting on wednesday!)

vegan red velvet
chocolate cinnamon

@ the golden fig 10 am on fridays

minis! vanilla grapefruit and chocolate cinnamon

@ mitrebox 10am on saturdays

black russian
vegan red velvet
vanilla mint

@ truly 11am on sundays

apple pie
pumpkin pie
pecan pie

have a fantastic holiday! also: if you want to order cupcakes for the holidays coming up: get a hold of me soon!

photos of the first cupcake saturday @ mitrebox by the fab mary!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

more cupcake news! and flavors for nov 21-23

the cupcake madness! it just doesn't end!

so starting this week you can get a trio of cupcakes on the dessert menu at the restaurant spill the wine in minneapolis.

here are the flavors for this week!

@ the triple rock social club: starting thursdays @4pm

vegan mexican hot chocolate
raspberry lemonade

@ the golden fig: fridays @ 10am

sweet potato with cranberry filling and marshmallow meringue
mulled cider
chocolate basil

@france 44: fridays @ 2pm : LAST WEEK!

vanilla mint
chai tea
pumpkin chocolate

@mitrebox! (the new cupcake saturday location!) saturdays @ 10am

pumpkin butterscotch with cinnamon clove
chocolate peanut butter
mexican hot chocolate (v)
chai tea (v)

@truly: sundays @ 11am

black forest
cranberry orange with cinnamon clove
carrot cake

Thursday, November 13, 2008

the cupcakes are on the move!


so, as you may or may not know, our dear friends kimberly and zach are heading back east and have closed the doors to letterbox. TEARS! but, very excited for them to get back to their love, brooklyn.

so! where are the cupcakes? don't you worry yer pretty little heads: they are still around!

on thursdays!
the triple rock social club: 629 cedar ave minneapolis

on fridays!

the golden fig: 790 grand ave. saint paul
france 44: 4351 france ave s minneapolis

on saturdays!
mitrebox: staring november 22! 213 washington ave n minneapolis (warehouse district)
there may be another place on saturdays...still in talks...

on sundays!
truly: 2175 4th St white bear lake

that's a lot of cake!


triple rock:
pumpkin with brown sugar pecan buttercream (v)

golden fig: pumpkin with brown sugar pecan buttercream (v)
vanilla citrus with pomagrante buttercream

france 44: s'mores
gingerbread lemon
chocolate peanut butter

truly: apple cider
hot chocolate

note to my photo girls: sharyn, ericka, mary! i need you and yer cameras! we have a ton more flavors that need some photo love! free cupcakes to you! just saying ;)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

halloween and birthday cupcakes!

well, it's MY birthday :)

@ the triple rock social club on thursday

chocolate whiskey with coffee buttercream (v)

@ the golden fig on HALLOWEEN!

chocolate dirt (chocolate with cookie crumbs, gummy worms...)

@ France 44 on HALLOWEEN!

chocolate whiskey with coffee buttercream
chocolate dirt
pumpkin chocolate


strawberry macaroon (v)
raspberry lemonade
lbx signature (chocolate orange) (v)
pumpkin cream cheese

@Truly on nov. 2 (when i am hung over :) )

chocolate curry with lemongrass coconut buttercream
white cake with raspberry cream filling and chocolate buttercream
pineapple upside down

Thursday, October 23, 2008

oct 23-25!

i chopped off part of my left index finger today: so sorry if there are a bunch of typos :)

@ the triple rock social club in minneapolis

vegan pumpkin cinnamon clove
banana chocolate chip

@ the golden fig in saint paul

vegan gingerbread lemon
banana chocolate chip
chocolate honey

@ france 44 in edina

banana chocolate chip ( i had a lot of bananas!)
yellow cake with dark chocolate
orange cranberry with cinnamon clove

@ letterbox in minneapolis

vegan mexican hot chocolate
vegan chai tea
pumpkin butterscotch with cinnamon

@ truly in white bear lake

they will have minis for their 2nd anniversary!
pumpkin cream cheese and chocolate chocolate

ALSO! get to letterbox in the next two weeks!!! it saddens me to say that two of my favorite people, kimberly and zach, are closing up shop and moving back to NYC. jealous! more on where the cupcakes may be moving soon!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

october 17

hello all!

okay: so cupcakes this week:

@ the golden fig on friday:

vegan vanilla with raspberry buttercream
chocolate on chocolate
roasted peach with ginger lime buttercream

@ france 44 on friday:

tres leches with honey buttercream
lemon meringue

that's what we got: it is a crazy weekend of weddings. next week: more!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

cupcakes this week!

here they be!

friday @ the golden fig in saint paul:

chai tea with cardamom buttercream
black forest
apple cider (v)

letterbox in minneapolis on saturday:

mexican hot chocolate (v)
carmel apple
lemon gingerbread (v)
letterbox signature (chocolate orange)

44th and france in edina on saturday:

boston cream
black russian
pumpkin cream cheese

truly in white bear lake on sunday:

none this week

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

this week!

i only know some of them: the more i know the more i will post!

@ the golden fig on fridays in saint paul:

chocolate whiskey with maple pecan buttercream
poached pear
orange cranberry with cinnamon clover buttercream

@ letterbox on saturdays in uptown:
not this week!

@ 44th and france on saturdays in edina:

mexican hot chocolate
red velvet
carmel apple

@truly on sundays in white bear lake:

banana cream pie
vanilla rose
chocolate with cream cheese frosting (sorry about the mix up: i had next weeks flavors up for truly!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

man this week is CRAZY!

lots of weddings to do so a quick post about flavors:

friday @ the golden fig in saint paul on friday:

pumpkin chocolate
apple cider
sweet corn with maple buttercream and bacon

NO CUPCAKES AT LETTERBOX THIS WEEK! the fabulous owners are in nyc :)

@ 44th and france in minneapolis on saturday:

chocolate chocolate
raspberry lemonade
red velvet

@ truly in white bear lake on sunday:

blueberry almond
red velvet

more soon soon soon!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

this weeks cupcakes!

i love fall. have i mentioned that? cooler weather, my favorite clothes, cool boots, my birthday, and fun flavors to play with!

so, with that: here are the flavors for this week!

@ the golden fig: grand and avon in saint paul

watermelon lime
peanut butter pickle (yup, you read that right)
super citrus (lemon, key lime and grapefruit)

@ letterbox! 2741 hennepin ave s minneapolis

red velvet (v)
yellow cake with dark chocolate (v)
tres leches with honey buttercream

@44th and france in edina
sweet corn with maple buttercream and maple bacon
super citrus

@ truly in white bear lake

white chocolate raspberry
yellow cake with dark chocolate
lemon cream cheese

photos by sharyn! except the crappy one: which i took with my phone :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

another one!

for all you folks in the western suburbs: cupcakes now available @ the cheese shop at the 44th and france deli and wine shop!

i will deliver them on saturdays: but they will be available until they are gone!


this weeks flavors:

tres leches
chocolate on chocolate
lemon with orange chili curd and white chocolate chili buttercream.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

cupcakes this week!

here they are!

for the golden fig: in the theme of the RNC we are going all red white and blue on ya!

red velvet
vanilla rose
blueberry almond

for letterbox: a best of!

mexican hot chocolate (v)
carrot cake (v)
chocolate bomb
raspberry lemonade

for truly: fall flavors!

caramel apple
sweet corn with maple and BACON!
german chocolate

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

it's labor day: so i am taking it off!

well, at least from the cupcakes for a couple of days :)

no cupcakes this weekend! but we will back in full force for the first weekend in september. (how is it already september? SHEESH!) i am super excited to be a part of iron cupcake earth: and am sending in my submission RIGHT NOW! check it out: it is a pretty cool thing!

my entry:

the contest itself:

please do go to the above link to vote for me! it would be super!

vote here!

september is a crazy month for me: i have a lot of weddings coming up this month. really looking forward to it, i am so lucky to be working with some amazing couples! i will post photos of the set ups once they are set up :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

august 22,23 and 24

so many cupcakes, so little time!

@ the golden fig:

caramel apple
grilled peach with mint
banana cream pie

@ letterbox:

lemon cupcake with orange chili curd and white chocolate chili buttercream
fauxstess (v)
white chocolate raspberry
cherry coke (your welcome, jeff boone!)

@ truly
chai tea with cardamom buttercream
chocolate chip cookie
cherry almond

photos by sharyn!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


prizes are as follows:
apron from jessie steele!
cupcake courrier!
prizes from ETSY artists cakespy!

voting begins on august 29th! super exciting! and thank you to sharyn as always for the photos :)
here it is!

it is a lemon cupcake filled with orange chili curd (red Anaheim chili) and white chocolate chili buttercream (red dried thai chili).

i will be submitting it this week! please vote!