Wednesday, February 24, 2010

it's s big fun weekend of CUPCAKES!

our favorite kind of weekend!

@ triple rock social club: thursday feb. 25

vegan cranberry orange with cinnamon clove buttercream
cookies and cream

@ the saint paul cheese shop: friday feb. 26

key lime with coconut buttercream
surly chocolate coffee bender
chocolate hazelnut

@mitrebox : saturday feb. 27

vegan black russian
black forest
banana nutella.

and THEN! on sunday: at gastro non grata! we will have mini cupcakes to give out: thinking about working with the left hand milk stout (since they will be on hand with their delicious wares!) and something bright and citrus-y. woot!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

cupcakes for the weekend of feb 18-20

we are getting closer and closer to opening cake eater bakery, y'all! then there will be cupcakes EVERY DAY! and also cookies, scones, muffins, bars, cakes, pies, and amazing coffee! you don't even know how thrilled we are that we will be able to serve you every day!

here are the cupcakes at their regular scheduled times this week!

thursday: feb. 18 @ the triple rock social club. 4pm

(v) pumpkin cream cheese
chocolate bomb!

friday: feb. 19 @ the saint paul cheese shop. 10 am

grapefruit with champagne buttercream
chocolate bomb
white chocolate raspberry

saturday: feb 20. @ mitrebox framing studio. 10 am

chocolate surly coffee bender
vegan pumpkin cardamom
blood orange coconut

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

valentine's cupcakes!

(check it out! we are cover girls again!)

what could be better than a duo of cupcakes for yer sweets? nothing, i say!

here are the flavors!

@ the triple rock social club: thursday feb 11:

vegan red velvet
raspberry lemonade

@ the saint paul cheese shop: friday feb 12:

raspberry lemonade
chocolate strawberry balsamic
mexican hot chocolate

@ mitrebox: saturday feb. 13:

vegan red velvet
chocolate strawberry balsamic
white chocolate raspberry
mexican hot chocolate

also! there will be cupcakes and cookies and truffles for sale at the triple rock on saturday night at our awesome PARTY!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


hey all!

it's that time of year: sweets for yer sweets! we are filling up fast: so if you would like to order some cupcakes for yer valentine: please do so by 2/11.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

cross over!

hey all!

incase you didn't know: miel y leche is now going as cake eater bakery! we are working on our opening: and we are throwing a party!

we hope you can all come!


cupcakes for this week! feb 4-6!

cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes! HURRAH!

@ the triple rock social club: thursday 2/4 @ 4pm

faux-tess (vegan)
chai tea

@ the saint paul cheese shop: friday 2/5 @ 10am

chocolate chip cookie
meyer lemon basil
boston cream

@ mitrebox: saturday 2/6 @ 10am

chocolate chip cookie
meyer lemon basil
boston cream

also: valetine's day is coming up quick quick quick! we are filling up with orders: get yours in soon! cupcakes for your sweetheart, what could be better?!