Tuesday, March 31, 2009

cupcakes for april 2-4

how is it april already? unreal!

here are the flavors for this week!

@ the triple rock social club: april 2 (happy birthday to my sister jecca! yay!)

(v) chai tea with cardamom buttercream
chocolate bomb

@ the golden fig: april 3 @ 10am

roasted peach with ginger lime buttercream
chocolate hazelnut
(v) blueberry almong

@ mitrebox: april 4 @ 10am
boston cream
(v) carrot cake

Monday, March 23, 2009

cupcakes for march 26-28

hello cupcake friends! here come the flavors!

for the triple rock social club: thursday march 26

chocolate with raspberry cream and white chocolate buttercream
vegan chocolate with coconut buttercream

for the golden fig: friday march 27

pineapple upside down
white chocolate raspberry
blackberry lime (v)

for mitrebox: saturday march 26
(v) snowball
lemon blueberry
chocolate mint

good times! also: look for a ALL NEW VEGAN ONLY cupcake saturday! very exciting! saint paul vegans: rejoice!

photos as always by the lovely and talented sharyn!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

cupcakes for march 19-21

cupcakes. for you. and me!

@ the triple rock social club:

vegan marble (we are calling it a black and tan for saint patty's day!)
chocolate whiskey

@ the golden fig: friday @ 10am

peach champagne mint
chocolate whiskey
vegan black and tan

@ mitrebox: saturday @ 10am

chocolate salted caramel
lemon with orange chili curd and white chocolate chili buttercream
vegan pear with ginger buttercream

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

cupcakes for march 12-14!

whoa: it's a decadent one!

@ the triple rock social club: thursdays @ 4pm until they are gone!

vegan red hot velvet
rocky road

@ the golden fig: fridays @ 10am until they are gone!

rocky road
vegan lavender lemon

@ mitrebox: saturdays @ 10am until they are gone!

chocolate chip cookie (the old skool way for those in the know!)
vegan marble
citrus bomb

apparently i don't have photos of a lot of these guys! hey photo ladies! HELP!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

cupcakes for march 5-7

i am still in NOLA: but will be back for the cupcake madness this weekend!

here come the flavors:

@ the triple rock social club: march 5 @ 4pm

chocolate chocolate
(v) key lime with coconut buttercream

@ the golden fig: march 6 @ 10am

vanilla bomb
chocolate bomb
citrus bomb

@ mitrebox: march 7 @ 10am

blackberry lime (vegan)
white chocolate lemon