Monday, December 28, 2009

cupcakes for the new year!

happy new year to you all!

we will have cupcakes at mitrebox and the triple rock this week: here they are!

NYE! at the triple rock social club:

lemon with champagne buttercream
vegan chocolate whiskey

jan 2, 2010 @ mitrebox 10am

blood orange with champagne buttercream
vegan key lime with coconut buttercream
chocolate coffee

hope to see everyone soon!

Monday, December 21, 2009

last minute xmas cupcakes!

on Christmas eve at the golden fig in saint paul!

red velvet
meyer lemon with champagne buttercream
chocolate with mint cream and white chocolate buttercream

make yer holiday a little sweeter!
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

cupcakes this week!

last week of cupcakes until 2010!! crazy!

i know i don't usually post the flavors until later in the week: but this week is a little crazy so i thought i would make sure we have them up!

@ the triple rock social club: thursday dec. 17:

vegan vanilla peppermint

@ the golden fig: friday dec. 18:

banana chocolate chip
chocolate orange

@ mitrebox: saturday dec. 19:

vanilla peppermint
red velvet

just FYI: if you want to get in any orders for the holidays: please let us know by the 16th so we can plan accordingly!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

cupcake for dec 10-12!

this friday is my 5 year wedding anniversary! YIKES! so what will i do to celebrate? make y'all some cupcakes, obviously!

here they are!

at the triple rock social club: thursday dec 10 starting at 4pm

vegan mexican hot chocolate
pumpkin chocolate

at the golden fig: friday dec 11 starting at 10am

pumpkin chocolate
lemon white chocolate
red velvet

at mitrebox: satuday dex 12 starting at 10am

chocolate honey
vegan mexican hot chocolate
vanilla with butterscotch bourbon buttercream

Sunday, December 6, 2009

cake eater tshirts!

Check out our new, fangled Etsy store, where you can buy t-shirts, and other merchandise to come.
Cake Eater


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

cupcakes for dec 3-5

WOW! the last month of 2009. where in the world has this year gone?

here at cupcake central we are gearing up for an amazing 2010. cake eater bakery is going full steam ahead: we are hoping for a spring opening. watch for it at!

here are the cupcakes for the first week of december!

thursday dec 3: at the triple rock social club @ 4pm

carrot cake
vegan chocolate bomb

friday dec 4: at the golden fig in saint paul: @10am

chocolate covered cherry
lemon lavender

saturday dec 5: at mitrebox in minneapolis: @10am

chocolate mint
egg nog with bourbon buttercream
faux hostess (vegan)