Monday, February 23, 2009

cupcakes for feb 26-28

@ the triple rock social club feb 26 4pm

(v) mexican hot chocolate

@ the golden fig feb 27 10am

lemon with chili orange curd and white chocolate chili buttercream
banana's foster
chocolate rose

@ mitrebox feb 28 10am

vegan yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting
tres leches with honey buttercream

i will be out of town (new orleans! wedding! chickory coffee!) but my lovely right hand jimena will be delivering the cupcakes and making them fantastico for you all! true story, morning glory!

as always: fabu photos by the fabu sharyn!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

more press!

i love that people are getting to know where the cupcakes live now!

check it out!

Cupcake Saturdays at Mitrebox

I had the pleasure of trying one of Sheela Namakkal's special Miel y Leche cupcakes at the office a while back. One of our interns had the rough assignment of writing about her scrumptious creations. She used to sell the cupcakes at the Uptown stationery shop Letterbox, which has since closed. The owners of Mitrebox — Mary Fajack and Sara Nachreiner — seized the opportunity to invite Namakkal to sell her cupcakes at their store. They come in all kind of flavors — red hot velvet, sweetheart dark chocolate and white chocolate basil, among others.

Where: Mitrebox Framing Studio, 213 Washington Ave. N.

When: Saturdays, 10 a.m. until the cupcakes sell out (go to for more information)

cupcakes for feb. 20 and 21

wow! what a valentines! i hope everyone loved there valentines cupcakes and had a fabulous day!

here are the flavors for this week!

@ the triple rock social club: thursday feb. 19

vegan pina colada
chocolate whiskey with maple pecan buttercream

@ the golden fig : friday feb. 20

vegan pina colada
strawberry daiquiri
vanilla with lime curd and basil buttercream

@ mitrebox : saturday feb. 21

chocolate whiskey with maple pecan buttercream
vegan raspberry lemonade
vanilla rose

check 'em out!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


check it!

Gastro Non Grata

Jessica Armbruster

Gastro Non Grata

Okay, so maybe you waited until the last minute to make a Valentine's Day reservation and instead ended up dining with your lady at White Castle. Or perhaps you are a single foodie and you spent Saturday night crying into your homemade chocolate pub cake. Maybe you just like quality free food. Whatever your motivations, grab your friend, crush, lover, sex slave, baby mama, or wife and bring him or her to Gastro Non Grata. Arouse your taste buds with two sample courses created by Modern Café's Jim Grell and chef Mike Phillips. Fans of pot roast will want to crib the chefs' suggestions on how to make the most succulent meat, and ways to get creative with the leftovers the next day. Tom Gardner of Duvel USA will also be on hand to talk about artisan beers and pairings. Enjoy sweets with your sweetheart as cupcake aficionado Sheela Namakkal bakes her tastiest coffee cupcakes. Rounding out the evening will be live music from Gospel Gossip, pop artists Skirt, psychedelic blues with Jim and the French Vanilla, and electro-pop with That's What You Get. As usual, you'll have the chance to win meat from Clancey's Butcher Shop at the weekly raffle. 21+.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


sweets for the sweet!

@ the triple rock social club thursday @ 4pm

chocolate chocolate
raspberry lemonade (v)

@ the golden fig friday @ 10am

red hot velvet
chocolate with salted caramel
vanilla mint (v)

@ mitrebox satuday @10 am

red hot velvet (v)
sweetheart dark chocolate strawberry
devil (in bed) food cake with merlot buttercream
pure white chocolate raspberry

Saturday, February 7, 2009

coffee cake experiments

something new!

laurie from the golden fig and i are thinking of offering coffee cakes @ the golden fig on sunday mornings with fresh squeezed oj. yum! so i am working on some recipes.

whattya think?

cinnamon chocolate pecan
cardamom almond
blueberry lemon
ELVIS! (banana peanut butter coconut bacon)

more to come! and i will let y'all know when we start!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

shhh...cupcakes are a secret of the city

check it out!

Miel y Leche

Here at Secrets of the City world HQ, we fancy ourselves cupcake connoisseurs. The perfect cupcake has to look just as good as it tastes. And our sensitive palates can detect whether a dash of love -- of utmost importance -- has been added to the batter. Lucky for us, Twin Cities cupcake queen and caterer Sheela Namakkal adds not just a dash, but a heaping spoonful of love to each batch. With selections such as Roasted Peach with Lime Ginger, White Chocolate Lavender, and Rosewater with Pistachio Butter Cream -- just to name a few -- we can't help but have almost inappropriate fantasies involving these adorable cakes. Miel y Leche does not have a retail location, but cupcakes are available by special order (in two-flavor split dozens), and at the locations below on specific days.

Fridays, 10 a.m. @ The Golden Fig, 790 Grand Ave., St Paul

Saturdays, 10 a.m. @ Mitrebox, 213 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis

For custom orders or catering visit

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

cupcakes for feb 6-7

it's full of liquor, kids!

@ the triple rock social club: thursdays @ 4pm

white chocolate grapefruit
(v) chocolate whiskey SOLD OUT!

@ the golden fig: fridays in saint paul 10am

white chocolate grapefruit
pink squirrel with pink peppercorn buttercream

@ mitrebox: saturdays in minneapolis 10am

white chocolate basil
pumpkin chocolate (v)


also: get your valentines day orders in! we are fillin' up!