Tuesday, August 26, 2008

it's labor day: so i am taking it off!

well, at least from the cupcakes for a couple of days :)

no cupcakes this weekend! but we will back in full force for the first weekend in september. (how is it already september? SHEESH!) i am super excited to be a part of iron cupcake earth: and am sending in my submission RIGHT NOW! check it out: it is a pretty cool thing!

my entry:

the contest itself:

please do go to the above link to vote for me! it would be super!

vote here!

september is a crazy month for me: i have a lot of weddings coming up this month. really looking forward to it, i am so lucky to be working with some amazing couples! i will post photos of the set ups once they are set up :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

august 22,23 and 24

so many cupcakes, so little time!

@ the golden fig:

caramel apple
grilled peach with mint
banana cream pie

@ letterbox:

lemon cupcake with orange chili curd and white chocolate chili buttercream
fauxstess (v)
white chocolate raspberry
cherry coke (your welcome, jeff boone!)

@ truly
chai tea with cardamom buttercream
chocolate chip cookie
cherry almond

photos by sharyn!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


prizes are as follows:
apron from jessie steele!
cupcake courrier!
prizes from ETSY artists cakespy!

voting begins on august 29th! super exciting! and thank you to sharyn as always for the photos :)
here it is!

it is a lemon cupcake filled with orange chili curd (red Anaheim chili) and white chocolate chili buttercream (red dried thai chili).

i will be submitting it this week! please vote!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

august 15,16 and 17!

here they are!

@ the golden fig starting @ 10 am friday august 15
pina colada
chocolate on chocolate with edible flowers

@ letterbox starting @ 12pm saturday august 16
root beer float
peanut butter and jelly (v)
mexican hot chocolate (v)
lemon white chocolate

@truly: 2175 4th Street White Bear Lake MN 55110 staring @ 11am august 17
chocolate with raspberry rhubarb jam
key lime with coconut buttercream
banana white chocolate

photos by sharyn and karen. HA! that rhymes.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

august 8,9 and maybe 10?

@ the golden fig:

root beer float
chocolate curry with lemongrass coconut buttercream
lemon lavender (v)

@ letterbox

mint cookies and cream
strawberry macaroon (v)
lemon cream cheese (v)
yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting

if we are doing sunday: i will post it!