Wednesday, February 4, 2009

shhh...cupcakes are a secret of the city

check it out!

Miel y Leche

Here at Secrets of the City world HQ, we fancy ourselves cupcake connoisseurs. The perfect cupcake has to look just as good as it tastes. And our sensitive palates can detect whether a dash of love -- of utmost importance -- has been added to the batter. Lucky for us, Twin Cities cupcake queen and caterer Sheela Namakkal adds not just a dash, but a heaping spoonful of love to each batch. With selections such as Roasted Peach with Lime Ginger, White Chocolate Lavender, and Rosewater with Pistachio Butter Cream -- just to name a few -- we can't help but have almost inappropriate fantasies involving these adorable cakes. Miel y Leche does not have a retail location, but cupcakes are available by special order (in two-flavor split dozens), and at the locations below on specific days.

Fridays, 10 a.m. @ The Golden Fig, 790 Grand Ave., St Paul

Saturdays, 10 a.m. @ Mitrebox, 213 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis

For custom orders or catering visit

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lulu said...

wow! congrats, cheela. how exciting to be called the cupcake queen of the twin going to blog about cupckaes next!