Wednesday, February 11, 2009


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Gastro Non Grata

Jessica Armbruster

Gastro Non Grata

Okay, so maybe you waited until the last minute to make a Valentine's Day reservation and instead ended up dining with your lady at White Castle. Or perhaps you are a single foodie and you spent Saturday night crying into your homemade chocolate pub cake. Maybe you just like quality free food. Whatever your motivations, grab your friend, crush, lover, sex slave, baby mama, or wife and bring him or her to Gastro Non Grata. Arouse your taste buds with two sample courses created by Modern Café's Jim Grell and chef Mike Phillips. Fans of pot roast will want to crib the chefs' suggestions on how to make the most succulent meat, and ways to get creative with the leftovers the next day. Tom Gardner of Duvel USA will also be on hand to talk about artisan beers and pairings. Enjoy sweets with your sweetheart as cupcake aficionado Sheela Namakkal bakes her tastiest coffee cupcakes. Rounding out the evening will be live music from Gospel Gossip, pop artists Skirt, psychedelic blues with Jim and the French Vanilla, and electro-pop with That's What You Get. As usual, you'll have the chance to win meat from Clancey's Butcher Shop at the weekly raffle. 21+.

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