Wednesday, December 9, 2009

cupcake for dec 10-12!

this friday is my 5 year wedding anniversary! YIKES! so what will i do to celebrate? make y'all some cupcakes, obviously!

here they are!

at the triple rock social club: thursday dec 10 starting at 4pm

vegan mexican hot chocolate
pumpkin chocolate

at the golden fig: friday dec 11 starting at 10am

pumpkin chocolate
lemon white chocolate
red velvet

at mitrebox: satuday dex 12 starting at 10am

chocolate honey
vegan mexican hot chocolate
vanilla with butterscotch bourbon buttercream


Anonymous said...

When, oh when, will you be opening your shop? You will be in my neighborhood and I CANNOT wait! - Amie

sheela and emily said...

soon soon soon! we are hoping for a march opening: we will keep everyone in the loop!