Wednesday, November 19, 2008

more cupcake news! and flavors for nov 21-23

the cupcake madness! it just doesn't end!

so starting this week you can get a trio of cupcakes on the dessert menu at the restaurant spill the wine in minneapolis.

here are the flavors for this week!

@ the triple rock social club: starting thursdays @4pm

vegan mexican hot chocolate
raspberry lemonade

@ the golden fig: fridays @ 10am

sweet potato with cranberry filling and marshmallow meringue
mulled cider
chocolate basil

@france 44: fridays @ 2pm : LAST WEEK!

vanilla mint
chai tea
pumpkin chocolate

@mitrebox! (the new cupcake saturday location!) saturdays @ 10am

pumpkin butterscotch with cinnamon clove
chocolate peanut butter
mexican hot chocolate (v)
chai tea (v)

@truly: sundays @ 11am

black forest
cranberry orange with cinnamon clove
carrot cake


Aaron said...

For those of us who don't check often... perhaps when posting the places also list the date/time they'll be available? I'm going to try to catch some of your cupcakes this weekend but I want to make sure I'm showing up at the right time and date!

miel y leche catering said...

hello aaron!

i do like every other time i post: and there are also links on the side!

but i will make an effort to keep up the dates and times :)

ilikethelights said...

sorry we didn't come on saturday, no one told us it was so early!