Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hey saint paul!

as promised: a new saint paul location! still on grand ave. to make your life easy.

the new cupcake friday!

this will be at the saint paul cheese shop: 1573 Grand Ave, just east of snelling. the fabulous cheese monger benjamin will help you with all of yer cheese and cupcakes needs! and oh man. the sandwiches. really. YUM.

what will our first 3 flavors be? no one knows! well, they will be posted very soon, like tomorrow.

yay cupcake friday! yay cheese!


junita said...

YES! I live within walking distance. Delicious trouble? I think so!

Mrs B said...

should I assume there won't be vegan cupcake at the Cheese Shop?

sheela and emily said...

mrs b: we only do vegan when it is ordered :) if they wanna go vegan ones, we sure will!

Mrs B said...

haven't had one since I stopped working at the 'fig - guess I'll have to head out to the triple rock for some vegan cake in the meantime! Any chance there will be more coffee bender cakes coming?

sheela and emily said...

we will for sure do those again! especially when the bakery opens!