Monday, January 11, 2010

iron cupcake milwaukee!

hey hey!

so, i have decided to make the trek to the state just to my east to compete in IRON CUPCAKE, MILWAUKEE! run by the fabulous sandy, she runs this event every month with a new challenge ingredient. this month: BEER!

so, what will i come up with?

it is kinda top secret: but know that will include minnesota chocolate and minnesota beer.



Meredith said...

I saw a recipe in the The Times of India for Christmas plum cake with the dried fruit soaked in Guinness. Does that count as beer?

sheela and emily said...

it totally counts as beer! oh the indians, they do love their dark beer :)

Lynette said...

bon chance!

Sharyn said...

What, no Blatz for you Sheela? :-) This should be interesting, indeed.

sheela and emily said...

ha! nope, no blatz. i have a secret plan! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!