Wednesday, September 9, 2009

cupcakes for september 10-12

this week is crazy!

here are a few things:

1. my friend emily has decided to come on in the crazy business of cake! we are looking at a few spaces to open our bakery/coffee house. you can follow our progress on twitter! follow @cakeeaterbakery

2. we are going to chicago to hit the renegade craft fair, and the first annual cupcake summit! we are meeting up with the fabulous michelle garcia, rachel krammer bussel, sandy ploy, jessie olson, and natalie slater! we are gonna eat one ton of cake and it will be awesome!

and now: the flavors!

@ the triple rock social club: thursday sept 10

vegan chocolate peanut butter
gingerbread lemon

@the golden fig: friday sept 11

raspberry rose
carrot cake
boston cream


vegan chocolate peanut butter
gingerbread lemon
mexican hot chocolate


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