Wednesday, June 17, 2009

flavors for june 18-20

here they are!

triple rock social club: june 18 @4pm

vegan chocolate orange
lemon white chocolate

the golden fig: june 19 @10am
mexican hot chocolate
vegan peach with ginger lime buttercream
lemon white chocolate

mitrebox: june 20 @10am
chocolate bomb
vegan chocolate with rhubarb raspberry jam and fresh raspberries
blueberry almond

hope to see y'all soon!


Jonathan Anthes said...

So do I need to just show up at one of these locations at a certain time, or should I call ahead and reserve some? I'm a new customer that's really enthusiastic to try one of your awesome recipes! I would like to buy one at the mitrebox on Friday!

miel y leche catering said...

hey jonathan!

they are @ mitrebox on saturdays :) golden fig on fridays, and the triple rock on thursdays. you sure can call ahead if you'd like!