Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009! WHOA! cupcakes for jan 9 and 10

oh man! how did it get to be 2009? nobody knows: i am thinking.

but the cupcakes: we solider on. we took a couple week hiatus to be all holiday-tastic. but we are back!

so here they are!

at the triple rock social club: minneapolis at 4pm on thursdays

chocolate coffee (v)
banana nutella

at the golden fig: saint paul on grand ave and avon at 10 am on fridays

white cake with lime mousse and vanilla buttercream
banana with nutella buttercream

at mitrebox: minneapolis on washington ave in the warehouse district on saturdays 10 am

chocolate orange
chocolate coffee (v)
carrot cake

good times! i am excited for this year: let's make it super full of fun and cupcakes :)


dav3 said...

france44 out of the rotation? frowny.

miel y leche catering said...

dav3: i agree! but they decided to stop ordering them :( i hope you can make it to the other locations!